Create a Media Item

Since gallery template doesn’t only support images, it also supports Vimeo and Youtube videos.

To create a media item for Vimeo and Youtube videos, go to an uploaded image item and you will see the following option.



Then, enter a URL to a Youtube or Vimeo video you prefer.

Create a Media Category

Before creating a page, let’s prepare your images to be showing on the Gallery page.

1. Please make sure that “Media Library Categories” plugin was installed and activated.
2. Go to Media and create a new category.
3. Assign images to that category.


Create a Gallery Page

Next, we will create a Gallery page and assign the category above to it.

1. Go to pages -> Add new
2. Create a new page with Gallery page template selected.


3. Select the category created before and specify the layout style you prefer.



Create a Vimeo/Youtube Gallery Item

Go to Media Library to browse your image item


To make the item be Vimeo or Youtube media, fill the option below.