Creating a New Project

  • Go to Portfolio > Add new



  • Single Portfolio Page




  1. Project Images

  2. Post title
  3. External Production Site Button

  4. Next/Previous slide buttons
  5. Social share buttons (See “plugin settings” topic)
  6. Close button

    Go to TymBerry > Portfolio Settings > Single Portfolio > Select your main portfolio page and save


  • Expanded Project Info Panel


  1. Post title
  2. Post excerpt
  3. Project Data


  4. Post Content


  • Display Dimension

    The project will display on portfolio grid with this specified dimension.


  • External Project Link


    If external project url is specified, when visitors click on this project (i.e. on portfolio page), they will redirect to this url. An internal project will not be accessible anymore.


  • Project Display Style
  1. Fullscreen















    Sample of Fullscreen Mode


  2. Bordered

    Background images must be specified.













Sample of Bordered Mode



  • Project Title Overlay (Before hovering)



    Applicable only with Portfolio Grid.

    ** If not need, please select “Transparent.”


Video Projects

Portfolio posts support several post format for different appearance. The theme supports 3 types of video including Vimeo, Youtube, and Self-hosted video.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Select “Video” post format

  3. The advanced metabox will show up


Select Vimeo video type and enter video id. (ID only)



Select Youtube video type and enter video id. (ID only)


Self-hosted video


Select Self-hosted video type and upload your own video.


Audio Projects

Only self-hosted audio project is support.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Select “Audio” post format

  3. The advanced metabox will show up



  • Select “Self-hosted” option and upload your audio file.

  • Featured image must be specified to be used as audio cover.


Sample Result



Select “SoundCloud” option and enter embed code.

Recommend modifying width and height paramters of the iframe to 100%

How to get SoundCloud embed code?




Sample Result

Post Excerpt


Post excerpt is used as a short description. (It’s used by several portfolio templates)