Standard Homepage Settings

Assuming that you have finished the settings of “Setting up front page” section, we’ll now have a page created with standard home template. Let’s walk through more advanced setup.

  • Go to edit this page
  • Advanced metabox options for Standard Home page will show up

Layout Builder

You can drag & drop sections for the template. Drag unwanted section to “disabled”.

Main Section: A section for the main slideshow OR fullscreen self-hosted video background

Portfolio Grid: A section for showing portfolio posts

Blog Grid: A section for showing blog posts

Contact/Socials: A section for contact form and social networking contacts

Footer: A footer bar

Main Section

Display Mode: Select either Slideshow or Video

  • Slideshow Mode

    Slide options will display.


    Screen mappings


You can add as many slides as you wish by clicking on Add button.

Also, you can drag them for sorting slide order.


  • Video Mode

    You must upload your own self-hosted video (mp4, webm, and ogv are supported) and configure the options below.



    Video Cover Image will be displayed in cased video cannot be played by the browser.

Enabled Video Sound: Push “On” to enable sound


Portfolio Section


1. Select Projects (Portfolio posts) to show on Portfolio Section

2. Portfolio separator is optional. For this, there is a custom link to redirect visitor to your main portfolio page if you wish.


Blog Section

Similar to Portfolio section, you can select posts to show on the section as well as optional separator for redirect visitor to your main blog page.

Contacts/Socials Section

This section has a bit complex options for setting up. Let’s read thoroughly in order to configure it correctly.

1. Select a type for an item. There are 4 item types.

After select one, we MUST ONLY enter data corresponding to the type you selected. (See the next topic “Options corresponding to a selected type“)

2. Dimension: Select the dimension of the item to show on the grid (row x column)

Options corresponding to a selected type

  • Social Networks




  • Contact Address
























  • Contact Form (Contact Form 7 required)


    You must create contact form 7 shortcode first. Then, copy it.



    Paste it on “Contact Form 7 Shortcode” option


  • Google Map


    Enter location and “Google Map Style Array” (optional) to styling your google map. (Grasp arrays on


After you’re happy with all settings, you MUST click save/update button. Otherwise, all your settings will be gone.

Overall Result






Footer Section


* Footer bar is for Standard Home template only

1. Back to top button

2. If an image is uploaded, it will be used instead of sitename.

Pure Slideshow Homepage Settings

Referring to previous topic, enable only Main section and configure options for slideshow mode.

Pure Video Background Homepage Settings

Referring to previous topic, enable only Main section and consfigure options for video mode.

Horizontal Home Page Settings

  • Create a new page and select Horizontal Portfolio page as a template


  • Click save or publish once


  • Advanced metaboxes will show up

  1. Enter slide title
  2. Enter subtitle (showing on hover)
  3. Enter URL to redirect after clicking the slide
  4. Specify to open link in new tab or not
  5. Upload background image
  6. Click “Add” to add more slide

* You can drag each slide for re-ordering